Australia Bans Flights from India Due to Surge in COVID-19 Cases

The Australian government has banned all direct flights from India for two weeks due to rising cases of COVID-19 in the country. This step was taken after reports that a large number of people returning to Australia from India were infected with COVID-19.

In addition to the ban on direct flights, the Australian government has also tightened the quarantine protocol for Australians returning from India via other flights. They must undergo quarantine in a state quarantine hotel for 14 days and are required to take a COVID-19 test before departure and during the quarantine period.

The decision has been met with controversy among Australians of Indian descent and human rights organizations. Some criticized the decision as discriminatory and inhumane to Australians trapped in India and struggling to return to Australia.

However, the Australian government defended the decision on the grounds that this step was taken to protect the health and safety of the Australian public from the wider spread of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the Australian government has also committed to providing humanitarian and medical assistance to India to help overcome the COVID-19 crisis in the country. Australia has sent medical assistance in the form of oxygen and other medical supplies and provided financial support through international organisations.

Nonetheless, the COVID-19 situation in India remains a serious concern for the international community and the Australian government, and appropriate steps must be taken to address this crisis globally.

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