The Great Australian Summer Quiz

The weather in Australia changes dramatically throughout the year; however, there are some constants.

First and foremost, the great australian summer occurs in springtime.

March and April are typically the months when this event starts.

After that, it takes several more months for the whole season to run its course.

April becomes more and more like early May as more and more people move outside for daily activities.

The weather starts to get even better as May progresses- some consider this month the best month of the Australian summer.

May also has the fewest heatwave days compared to the other months.

June is typically a hot month with fewer cool nights than other months.

July is typically the hottest month because of how long it lasts and how many days there are in that month.

August is typically a cooler month with fewer heatwave days than July did.

September is typically a cool month with fewer heatwave days than August did.

The weather begins to get colder as each new month approaches winter, which ends with a snowfall in some areas by late November or early December.

The great Australian summer is a well-known name to those living in temperate zones.

It refers to the period of time when the country experiences the most pleasant weather.

Many people consider this season to be the best part of their year.

The winter season is short and generally mild, while the summer season is long and hot.

The great australian summer is famous for its cool nights and refreshing mornings.

However, some people find that their home climate doesn't match what's described above.

That's why it's important to understand that each region of Australia experiences a different type of great australian summer.

Many people find it hard to believe that Australia experiences such a great summer every year.

They believe that Australia's climate is entirely unpredictable- which makes sense considering how far away it is from human habitation.

However, there have been studies done on Australian summers over the last 100 years that show what typical summers look like.

Some of these studies use technology such as satellites and weather balloons to collect data from above earth.

This allows scientists to get a better idea of what Australia's great australian summer looks like year round.

Essentially, it doesn't just happen during springtime when most people think it does.

Instead, Australia's great summer happens year round due to how consistent its climate is compared to other countries' climates.

The great australian summer happens every year and can be described as many things by those who live in Australia during that time of year.

Some call it the best season of their year while others call it their worst season of their year depending on where they live in Australia.

It's important to understand that each region of Australia experiences a different type of great australian summer compared to other countries' climates.

That way, people can better prepare themselves for whatever kind of great australian summer they're going to experience next year.

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